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 “A strong Marching Band program relies on three things: great kids, great parents, and great staff,” says Jamie Szeinberg, explaining why a partnership with the parents is so important. The parents play a key role during the season, offering many hours of service. They serve as roadies who load the equipment on and off the trucks when the band performs at local and regional competitions. This allows the band staff and the students to focus on the music.

The Roadies are parents and other volunteers who help the Marching Band, Indoor Percussion Ensemble, and Winter Guard get to and from competitions. Roadies help move equipment and instruments to the trucks and the performance areas and back home again safely.

Both the Marching Band and Indoor Percussion Ensembles include marimbas, xylophones, timpani, speaker systems, scaffolding, and many, many instruments. Often, the shows include props that need to be moved. On show days, Roadies load water, collect uniforms and plumes, and move the instruments. We also build and paint props, sew costumes, and laugh a lot.

The Roadies have a lot of fun while working. We are supporting our kids and we get to see the show improve each week. We get to cheer the groups’ successes, and we get to socialize with the friends we make through the experience.

To help with the Roadies, join us whenever you can. You don’t need to sign up and you don’t need to commit to the whole day. If you can’t travel to a competition, you might just help load or unload at the school. Soon, you’ll know people’s names and you’ll know what to do. Just come by, give as little or as much time as you like, and the Roadies will put you to work.