High School Ensembles

Fair Lawn High School Musical Ensembles

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This course offers students a study of quality literature from traditional and contemporary composers as well as important compositions and arrangements from popular sources. Students will gain an understanding of intermediate training in musicianship, efficient and effective practice techniques, and excellent ensemble performance standards. • Credit-Bearing Course

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Wind Ensemble offers band students the greatest challenges both musically and technically. Students learn the skills necessary to make the transition to college level music an exciting and enjoyable one through instruction in advanced technical skill with important aesthetic listening training. The wind ensemble performs some of the most important standard pieces of literature with exploration of some of the latest contemporary sources available. Wind ensemble meets daily to prepare for evening concerts, graduation and school assemblies. Acceptance into this ensemble is by audition only. • Credit-Bearing Course • By Audition Only

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The Orchestra course focuses on the enhancement of string playing, musicianship, rehearsal technique and small and large ensemble experience. Orchestra is offered in grades 9 through 12 for string players only. Wind and percussion players are drawn from the band on an audition basis. • Credit-Bearing Course

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Jazz band is a non-credit-bearing club dedicated to studying and performing standard big band repertoire including styles such as: swing, bebop, Latin, and contemporary. The jazz band includes a traditional instrumentation consisting of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section. Jazz theory and improvisation concepts are taught as well as jazz phrasing and proper swing interpretation. The jazz band performs throughout the year at many school functions and concerts. Acceptance into the jazz band is by audition only. • Non-Credit-Bearing Club • By Audition Only

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The Pit Orchestra provides students the opportunity to support the FLHS musical. It represents one of the most challenging wind, string, and percussion experiences in the instrumental music department. • Non-Credit-Bearing Club • Audition Only

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The Chorus course provides students the opportunity to perform vocal music of music in its authentic styles from every major musical period. Students focus on developing choral techniques and building a range of interpretation skills. • Credit-Bearing Course

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