Indoor Percussion

Fair Lawn HS Indoor Percussion

The Fair Lawn Indoor Percussion program allows Marching Band students and others the chance to continue their marching performances after the fall season is over. The program fields two ensembles, a varsity and junior varsity ensemble.

Fair Lawn Indoor Percussion Ensemble has been in place since 2010.

Earlier Years


Varsity Show: "Ants"

"Ants" combines humor with sadness as it features the fierce, perilous nature of ants' lives as well as their well-known super-strength. The music, written and arranged by Jamie Szeinberg and Daniel Burbank, features a range of musical styles that build the emotion of the show. The props for "Ants" were built and designed by parent roadies and include a 5-foot anthill, oversize peppermints, and a huge magnifying glass.

The Varsity Indoor Percussion Ensemble performed at the WGI Percussion World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. and placed 31st of 59 groups nationally, missing a spot in semi-finals by a tight margin.

The Varsity took home second place at USBands Championships, earning 97.025, just .05 behind Perkiomen Valley.

JV Show based on the music of Pokemon

The Junior Varsity Ensemble, comprised of middle school students, performed in competition twice in 2015. At the FLHS home show, they earned a score of 75 and took first place. At the USBands Championships, they earned a score of 91.5, and took home the first place trophy in their category.


Varsity Show: "Growing Up"

Growing Up told the story of childhood's transition into adulthood, culminating in a high school graduation. The Varsity Indoor Percussion Ensemble was the first Fair Lawn ensemble to perform at the WGI Percussion World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. They reached the semi-finals, placing 15th in a field of 54 in their category. The Varsity took home first place at USBands Championships.

JV Show: "Gotta Catch 'Em All"

As a standstill ensemble, the JV squad played "Gotta Catch 'Em All," a tribute to the music of Pokeman.


Varsity Show: "Obsessed"

Featuring objects out of place and rhythmic counting, "Obsessed" focused on the many ways we work to put order in a chaotic world. With "Obsessed," the Varsity Ensemble took first place at the WGI Trumbull Regional and place 7th at the WGI Unionville Regional.

JV Show: "Heroes Of The Stars"


Varsity Show: "It's About Time"

Using the music and visuals to illustrate a variety of angles on time, "It's About Time" ran through different meanings and purposes of time: times to shine alone, times to work together, times when you can't even track minutes correctly, times when the hours seems to fly by, and times when you've run out of time. In 2012, the Varsity Line went to Regionals for the first time, finishing in the finals at WGI Trumbull. They placed third at USBands Championships.

JV Show: "The Legend Of Zelda" 


Varsity Show: "The Perpetual Motion Machine"

Utilizing the music of Dream Theater, this show was about the concept of a theoretical perpetual motion machine, which always power itself. However, the show proved that although the machine is ideally perfect, it is physically impossible. The ensemble placed third at USBands Championships.


"The Winter"